Sessions Overview

1 Session 

Discover quick perspective shifts for your most pressing issues, concerns or desires for change. This can be in regard to career, relationships, parenting, ageing well, optimal health, fitness, beauty or overall wellness and happiness.

4 Sessions 

Understand your life from the perspective that everything you experience, every circumstance you encounter, every choice that you make, every relationship that you have drawn to you, is a gift. Your most challenging relationships are your greatest teachers towards knowing yourself from a more clear and empathetic place. Your most difficult as well as your most joyous life events train you in the art of quick and constant open heartedness, in the art of allowing, in the art of letting go, acceptance of what is, and being inside the present moment. The art of flowing with life and having knowledge flow through you rather than letting life happen “to” you.  Allowing yourself to be involved in and exposed to these gifts enhance and inform your life from a powerful steady excellent place.

8 Sessions

Learn to implement and practice the skills of positive perception shifts with actions that will produce tangible results for what you are wanting in your life.  Inclusive are specific skill sets and techniques to allow change, creating your desires from the inside out with a strong focus on growing your individual gifts and talents. New skills will include aspects for the body, mind and spirit as well as an anticipated new life style design options we discover together meant specifically for you.

12 Sessions

Begin to experience a paradigm shift in how you view your life with a focus on living your unique life’s work. Your life’s work is an expression of who you really are in an authentic genuine place and way. Living your belief system and values as a strong yet soft, flexible yet sturdy, steady, wise and curious, centered and harmonious individual allows for flow and ease in life.  You become aware of how to honor the ebb and flow, ups and downs, twists and turns of being human. Woven through your every day is a feeling of steady, deeply peaceful joyful knowing that you are indulging in the greatest gifts of all ~ of knowing your self.

16 Sessions

Begin to live your most treasured life in alignment with your intuition, your inner guidance system and with a strong sense of being simple, being excellent, being choosey, being clear, and being fully alive. Being in touch with the delicate deliberate combination of wisdom and childlike innocence and curiosity to stay young, vibrant, in touch, in tune and in rhythm with and through your life’s journey.

Sessions Beyond

Having experience with an enhanced, deeper more profound and powerful living within the fluctuating, fascinating changes of our times. Heightened connections with your inner world compliment your outer experiences. Be the light of grace, beauty, strength, grit, softness ~ all the while being steeped, saturated and bathed in stillness.

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