Cynthia De Pecol

Holistic Life Coach Wellnes Expert, Yoga Instructor, Singer and Writer.




Cynthia De Pecol

Cynthia began her life coaching career 16 years ago before “life coaching” was popular. A student of life she studied intensely after college in various modalities of health and wellness learning much on her trip to India with Ayurvedic Physicians and Masters. Raising a family in Connecticut, she is an Author with a weekly newspaper column; published book and featured author on several national wellness sites. She is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Hatha Yoga Teacher. A Reiki Master and trained in Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. She’s a Classical Singer, Voiceover Artist and home schooled her children for years.They are now attending college and traveling the world.
Cynthia brings a unique intuitive perspective to her clients lives and helps whomever she touches to experience the “gift” in every situation. She’s always changing, creating new ways of living and up for the challenges that keep her growing and glowing!

Member International Association Healthcare Practitioners
Member Institute of Noetic Sciences
Member Yoga Alliance
Member KRI

Primary Goals

*  To help you become a radiant expression of happiness, wholeness and success in all areas of your life, living from the inside out with grace and grit. With softness and strength. With enthusiasm and creativity. With innocence and wisdom. With peace.

*  To offer you provocative new ways of thinking about your mind, body & spirit. To help you re-awaken the knowledge of specific nutrition, fitness and well being that suits your lifestyle now.

*  To guide you in seeing your life’s circumstances from the viewpoint where everything is a gift.

*  To offer a mirror of living in the moment so all moments can teach, guide, uplift, inspire & inform you.

Offices in Washington, CT & Upper East, NY