“Cynthia De Pecol is awake to the multidimensional issues that play out in our career and life choices.  Her vast experience and holistic approach that integrates body, mind, and emotions into a life alignment program can be of exraordinary service to many.”  E.H. Rick Jarow, Professor of Religious Studies, Vassar College, Author, “Creating the Work You Love,” Poughkeepsie, New York

“Cynthia, my dear friend and yoga collegue of many years.  Her generous spirit and warm heart touches us like the warmth of precious jewels.  Her work can only lift and inspire you.”  Sally Belmont, Yoga Instructor and Designer, Sydney, Australia
I can divide my life into two time periods-before and then with Cynthia as my lifecoach.  Before Cynthia can be summed up as a giant roller coaster ride-my personal and professional life had many twists and turns, many highs and low and a pervasive sense that I was not in contraol of the machinery.  “With Cynthia” has felt more like a magic carpet ride with me as the genie.  I choose the direction of my life.  The air I breathe now feels filled with possibility and the pockets of bumpy weather I encounter have become just more gifts in disguise.  I can go anywhere-personally and professionally, becuase I feel happy, unburdened by the past, and excited, not afraid of what tomorrow wil bring.”  Holly Arnowitz, President and CEO Indogo Experiences, LLC
“In 2001 I met Cynthia on a trip to India.  She is a living expression of many gifts and talents.  Well educated and a very refined person, she is spiritual, inspired, and passionate.  She is a gifted writer, communicator, and coach.”  Jean Mathieu, Profolio Manager, Montraeal, Quebec “Before I met Cynthia and became familiar with her philosophy of “living in the moment”, my life was a still photograph.  Now it is a full color motion picture.” 
Richard Busch, Composer and Director, Washington, CT

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